Monday, October 31, 2011

Post #224: Down Like Silver

***Just released a 6 song EP via Bandcamp***

Today was a tough one.  It's Halloween.  I should post something scary.  GWAR is coming to town, and there aren't very many bands out there scarier than them....

But then I got an email from Peter Bradley Adams' email list telling me of a new side project he started with Caitlin Canty, called Down Like Silver, and that they just released new music.

This made it a no brainer.  Besides, you probably didn't want to hear GWAR anyway.

But then I had a new dilemma.  I have been a fan of Peter's since his 2003 release as a duo with Kat Maslich under the name eastmountainsouth, and since then all of his solo work.

What do I post?  This new side project?  Or do I go back and post his previous work?

Thankfully, Down Like Silver had this nice and handy music player on their Bandcamp site, so I decided to stick with Down Like Silver, and save the others for future posts (including GWAR).  I will hold off and share Peter's background and history in those posts.

First off, if you are unfamiliar with Bandcamp, more and more of the artists I listen too are using it.  It allows them a medium to post their music and ultimately sell it directly to fans.  It is basically an online store-front.  Check it out...awesome site!!

Anyways, having now heard Peter in his third project (that I know of), I have come to the conclusion that he can't go wrong.  Not only does he have a voice I could listen to non stop, but when he pairs that with a female, it is down right amazing!!

This gave me chills.  Especially numbers 1, 4, 5 and 6.

I dare you to not like this!

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Website (currently under construction)
Bandcamp (not on itunes yet)
  - Peter Bradley Adams
  - Caitlin Canty
  - Peter Bradley Adams
  - Peter Bradley Adams

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Post #223: Deer Tick

***Just released Divine Providence last Tuesday, and 
coming to Triple Rock Social Club 
on November 12th***

Recently, I picked up tickets to see Dawes at their New Year's Eve show at the Varsity.  Having seen Dawes twice before, I am expecting a fun and energetic show.  If you haven't had a chance to check out Dawes, I recommend you do it now, as they are one of the best live acts I have seen.  I posted them HERE and HERE.

Since my first encounter with Dawes, lead singer Taylor Goldsmith, began a side project by the name of Middle Brother along with two other other lead vocalists, one of which is John McCauley III of Deer Tick.

If John is half the frontman as Taylor, I have a feeling that Deer Tick puts on a heck of a show as well.

From Providence, Rhode Island, Deer Tick have released 4 full length albums, their most recent being Divine Providence, which was released this last week, and is where you will find "Main Street".

Their sound tends to bounce around between rock, folk, country and blues.

One of Deer Tick's most unique qualities is the voice of John McCauley III, which really stands out in the above video of "Smith Hill" from their second release Born on Flag Day.

I like bands and all, but when I see videos like the one above, it makes me wish more vocalists would come out with solo acoustic albums.

I love his voice!

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Post #222: Lou Reed & Metallica

***Lulu, the collaboration between Lou Reed and Metallica, will be released this Tuesday the 1st***

As I have mentioned before, Metallica is one of those bands that I am married to.  Part of being married to them means that I would purchase anything they release without question....even if it were material deemed by many to 'suck'.

A perfect example of this is when they released St. Anger in 2003.  Metallica definitely took a step away from the sound that many had grown accustomed to, and created an album that consisted of less order and more chaos.

To this day, it is one of my favorite albums, and I am still baffled when I come across a 'Metallica fan' that not only thinks it is their worse album, but that actually hates the album.

This summer it was announced that Metallica had been collaborating with Lou Reed, a pairing that I consider to be very interesting.  The fact that Metallica was involved made it a forgone conclusion that I would like it, and would be making the purchase on release day, this Tuesday, November 1st.

Then I listened to "The View".

My goal with this blog has been to stay away from reviews, so I will leave it at this:  This was the first time I listened to new Metallica, and felt a sense of disappointment.

Don't get me wrong, I will still be purchasing the album, and listening to it before I actually formulate a complete opinion.  I'm just hoping that if I don't like it at first, that over time it is one of those albums I grow to love.  Many of my favorite albums traveled this same path.

What are your thoughts after your first listen?

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Post #221: Honeyhoney

***New album released on Tuesday and playing tomorrow, 
Saturday the 29th, at the Fine Line in Minneapolis 
with Joshua James***

Tomorrow night at the Fine Line Music Cafe, Joshua James, an artist I have desperately wanted to see, will be performing.  If you haven't had a chance to hear him, check out my posts from last December HERE and HERE.  Or you can check out the album version of "Coal War" below from his most recent release, Build Me This.

He is in town co-headlining a tour with Honeyhoney, a band that up until now I hadn't heard of.

Made up of Suzanne Santo and Ben Jaffe, they would meet while he was writing music or TV and films and she was acting, including a stint on Law & Order.  Shortly after combining their musical efforts, they were discovered by Kiefer Sutherland, who signed them to Ironworks Music, the label he co-owns.

Earlier this week, they released their second full length album, Billy Jack, which is where you will find "I Don't Mind".

Unfortunately, for some reason, the American Songwriter site I found this video on, won't let me embed the code, so all I can do is provide the link to their page through the above picture.

If you like this song, I encourage you to also check out the other two they have on their site, "Old School Friends" and a cover of Hank Williams "Lost Highway", which is so, so good.

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Wikipedia (no page yet)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Post #220: Das Racist

***New album, Relax, was released 
on September 13th*** 

It doesn't matter where I am or what I am doing...if there is music playing, my ears pick up on it.

Do I know this song?  Do I know this artist?  And offten times I do.

If I don't, thankfully I have a smart phone.  With it's Song ID application or a quick online search, I can get my answers in seconds.

Today I was stumped.

As I was at Uptown Tattoo awaiting my 12:30 consult, "Michael Jackson" came on.

I had absolutely no idea who it was.  It definitely was interesting at first, and by the time it finished I knew it would be in my library by the end of the day.  Typing in 'Michael Jackson 1 million dollars' brought up the name Das Racist.

A three man alternative hip-hop group from Brooklyn, New York, they just released their first official studio album, entitled Relax, this last month.

This is a band that I have seen in a lot of the music press I subscribe to, and is a band I normally wouldn't have checked out.  This is a perfect example where hearing it for myself is causing me to do so, and precisely why I am doing this blog.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Post #219: Blackalicious

***Currently in the studio working on their 
4th full length album***

As I have mentioned before, Tuesday is my favorite day of the week.  I get butterflies as I approach that day's given retailer for new music release day!

Since yesterday, I have been debating between posting She & Him, whom released A Very She & Him Christmas, or M. Ward, which is the male half of the duo.

However, today, on my 30 minute ride home from the office, "My Pad and Pen" came on my ipod.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that I listened to it 9 times in a row.

From Sacramento, California, Blackalicious is comprised of rapper Gift of Gab and DJ/Producer Chief Xcel.  Since 1999 they have released 3 full length albums, including 2005's The Craft, which is their most recent release and where you will find "My Pen and Pad".

The first time I heard this song, I was walking through Cheapo Records on Snelling Ave in St. Paul.  Walking in to the store that day, I had never heard of Blackalicous...but upon hearing this song, I went home with The Craft.

The first comparison that came to mind was Busta Rhymes.  There is something that has always impressed me with the speed at which Busta can form and spew words in an intelligible way.  In my opinion, Gift of Gab is as fast, if not faster...but without the anger.  The lyrics of Blackalicious tend to be positive, and not about 'breaking necks'.

Currently, they are in the studio working on their fourth full length.

Chances are that I will listen to this another 9 times on the way in to the office tomorrow.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Post #218: These United States


A recent thing I have started doing with each post is to include a picture at the beginning of each post.  This is something I take pretty seriously, as I try to find a picture that can help show the personality of the band.  A picture that I feel can offer additional insight.

After visiting These United States' website, the above picture was a no brainer.

There are a number of words that could be used to describe These United States, but there are three that stick out to me: unique, quirky, and eccentric.

Of course, these words could also be used as descriptors for the list of bands and artists they have toured with, like the Fruit Bats whom I posted HERE, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy whom I posted HERE and HERE, and Langhorne Slim whom I posted HERE.
A band that seems to split it's home between Kentucky, New York and North Carolina (at least according to their Twitter profile), they have released 4 albums since 2008, their most recent being the 2010 release, What Lasts.  This is where you will find "Ever Make You Mine" (above) and "What Do You Want With My Heart" (below).

Their sound is hard to pinpoint as I can hear pop, freak-folk, and Americana all wrapped in to one on "Ever Make You Mine", and with the rest of their catalog, they seem to weave in and out of all three sounds, together and separately.

According to their website, they are currently in the studio, recording their fifth album, so if you don't catch this show, chances are they will be back this next year.

At least I'm hoping so.

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Post #217: Gregory Alan Isakov

***Coming to the Cedar Cultural Center 
this Thursday the 27th***

I have always been pretty good knowing whom is coming to town and when, making sure I catch the shows that I felt were a must.  Especially now, while doing this blog, because I have a heightened awareness as to the bands swinging through our now wintery city.

However, today I realized that I am still not immune to letting one slip through the cracks.  This was a close call.

As I was eating lunch with my two boys today, I grabbed the current City Pages.  This is something I typically do at the office on Thursdays, but having been out of town this last week, today would have to do.

To my amazement, three words stuck out instantly...Gregory...Alan...Isakov.  After reading them a few more times to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me, I finally came to the conclusion that this was in fact real.

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, he was raised in Philadelphia and later moved to Colorado, where he is currently based.

With four releases between 2003 and 2009, my first introduction was with the 2007 album That Sea, The Gambler, which is where you will find "Black & Blue".

My favorite is his most recent, the 2009 release This Empty Northern Hemisphere.  If you are looking for a place to start, I suggest starting here.  From beginning to end, a beautiful album.  Brandi Carlile even lends vocals to a few tracks including "That Moon Song" (above, an acoustic version without her help), and "If I Go, I'm Goin" (below), which appeared in this season's Californication on Showtime.

If it at all works with your schedule, this is one of those shows where $12 is definitely way under priced.  This is a truly talented artist, playing at a great venue, providing a perfect setting.

Grab your significant other and GO TO THIS SHOW!!!  This is a must see!!!

And if you like this, I suggest checking out two other artists.  I would never say he sounds like them, but from time to time, as I listen to his albums, there are moments that cause me to think of Alexi Murdoch, whom Gregory has shared the stage with, and Cory Chisel.  To make it easy, I posted Alexi HERE and HERE in January, and Cory HERE in March.

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Use your hangers, and buy a shirt!!

Having attended numerous shows, I often find myself running out of hangers having come home with a new t-shirt.

  Obviously there are plenty of companies out there that manufacture these shirts, but over the years, my favorite band apparel has been those made with shirts from American Apparel.  

In my opinion, some of the most comfortable and durable t-shirts around.

My favorite color.

My favorite brand.

One less empty hanger.

Thank you for checking out the shirt, and thank you for supporting these artists.

Tom Brosseau (Post from September 14th, 2011)

Thank you!!

Official PayPal Seal

Friday, October 21, 2011

Post #216: Puscifer

***Puscifer just released Conditions of My Parole this last week and is coming to the State Theater on November 14th***

As I have written in the introduction and description of this site, a feel that I have a relationship with the music I listen to...hence the name, Please Date My Music.

Sometimes this relationship could be likened to dating or possibly even a marriage.  Since I tend to be very open minded when it comes to music, both my 'music I date' and 'music I am married to' lists are quite long.  However, if I needed to, I could probably shorten both lists, as difficult as that might be, to bands that fit these descriptions more so than other bands.

Towards the top of the list in the marriage column are artists/bands like:  Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Mason Jennings, Andrew Bird, Sevendust, Days of the New, Storyhill.  Bands, that without question, I will purchase every piece of music I can find, and attend any show that takes place within a reasonable distance.

On this list, you will also find Tool.

My love for Tool began as a Sophomore in college when a new friend of mine, whom I will call Kevin, since that is his name, popped their 1993 debut album Undertow into his car stereo.

This was back before we had technology that allowed us to bring entire music libraries with us, and we had to choose what CDs we were putting into our carrying cases.  This was when everyone had a pull out stereo face and would rewire their speakers, putting 2x3 foot speakers in their back seat, making it difficult to fit all of their friends.  This was Kevin's car.

One thing that pulled me into this relationship I have with Tool is the voice of Maynard James Keenan.  There is something so powerful and so beautiful about his voice.  He has the ability to go back and forth between the two separately, or convey both at the same time.  Truly awesome!

In 1999, Maynard began lending his voice to side projects such as A Perfect Circle, which I posted HERE in April, and in 2003 to Puscifer, which some consider his pseudonym, seeing that the band consists of Maynard as it's sole permanent member, and a revolving door of other talented musicians including Joey Jordison (Slipknot), Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk (Rage Against the Machine), and Danny Lohner (NIN).

Puscifer first started as a fictional band made up of Maynard and Tool bandmate Adam Jones in an episode of the HBO series Mr. Show in 1995  It would be 12 years later that Puscifer would start officially releasing music with the 2007 full length, V is for Vagina, which is where you will find "Momma Sed".  Since then a number of singles, EPs and remix albums have been released, and now this last week, a second full length entitled Conditions of My Parol.

I absolutely love this new album.  It still is Maynard's voice, but this album seems much more mellow, even bringing in female vocals for many of the songs, like "Green Valley".  They sound so great together!!  She joins in at about 1:10 in.

Then you have a song that completely blew my mind, "Tumbleweeds", which feels like Alison Krauss bluegrass.

Today, if I still had to limit myself to 60 CDs in a vinyl covered case, Maynard would no doubt take up a few of those coveted slots.

Thank you Maynard for your voice, and for continuing to do your own thing.

I am pumped for the Pusicfer show and looking forward to what you come up with next.

Please support this artist!!!


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Post #215: Graham Colton

***Graham Colton just played at 
Triple Rock and will be releasing new music this 
Tuesday, October 18th***

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to attend a show with a few good friends at the Triple Rock Social Club: Ben Rector and Graham Colton.

Both artists we had seen before at the Varsity Theater: Ben Rector opening for Matt Wertz, and Graham Colton on his headlining tour, on which he would have his entire band.

This go around things were a little different.  Graham was playing as support for Ben Rector, and he would play his set solo acoustic.

I really liked him the first time I saw him play.  In fact, I bought two albums after the show.  However, there was something about hearing him play Wednesday night that caused me to like him even more.

His voice was amazing!

Maybe this time, without the rest of the band, his voice wasn't having to compete with anything else for my ears attention.  I could focus completely on his voice.

Such a great show!

Born in Oklahoma, Graham moved to Texas to attend Southern Methodist University, where he started to write and perform around the Dallas area.  Having finished a self titled independent release, it ended up in the hands of Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows, whom asked Graham to support them on their 2002 tour.  This would lead to The Graham Colton Band releasing their album, Drive, in 2004.

From then on, Graham would focus on a solo career, releasing Here and Now in 2007, 6 EPs, and most recently, at the beginning of this year, Pacific Coast Eyes, which is where you will find "Love Comes Back Around", as well as "Pacific Coast Eyes".

This next week, he will be releasing Pacific Coast Eyes, Volume 2.

I got a couple of good videos from that night, including the above, "First Week", as well as a cover of Tom Petty's "I Won't Back Down."  You can check them out HERE.

To top it all off, when he finished his set, he sat in the back at his 'merch' table selling t-shirts and albums.  Not just right after his set, but the rest of the night.  Talking with each person that visited.  Signing autographs.  Taking pictures.  As I have mentioned before, I love seeing this kind of interaction, and makes me have so much for respect for an artist.

I had a chance to speak with him for a couple of minutes as well...such a cool and humble guy.

If you get the chance, definitely a show worth catching.

Please support this artist!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Post #214: Alberta Cross

***Opening for Portugal. The Man this 
Thursday at First Avenue***

This Thursday, Portugal. The Man will be hitting the Mainroom at First Avenue.  A psychedelic rock band originally hailing from Alaska.

This promises to be a great show.  Not just because of Portugal. The Man, but also in part because of whom they are bringing along:  Alberta Cross.

Made up of two primary members that do most of the writing, bassist Terry Wolfers and vocalist/guitarist Petter Eriksson Stakee, after their first release, they relocated from London to Brooklyn, New York, where they added what are now the other current band members.

With the show being this week, I have had their newest full length album from 2009, Broken Side of Time, on repeat.  I have basically been mourning the fact that I can't make the show.  It is on this album where you will find "Song Three Blues" which is the opening track, and the one I keep finding myself going back to.  I couldn't decide between the album version and the live acoustic version, so I posted both.

Not only did I have a hard time deciding what version of "Song Three Blues" to post, but I had a hard time choosing which songs from this album to post as well.  I decided to go with "Broken Side of Time".  I encourage you to also give a listen to the tracks "Old Man Chicago" and "City Walls".

While listening to this album, I hear some similarities to Neil Young, whom is considered one of their influences, and Band of Horses.  If you are unfamiliar with Band of Horses, hear them HERE and HERE in my posts from January. 

Aside from Broken Side of Time, you can check out their debut album from 2007, The Thief & the Heartbreaker, which is where you will find "Low Man", as well as two EPs: 2007's Leave Us Or Forgive Us, and The Rolling Thunder which was just released in September of this year.

Such an unfortunate show to miss.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Post #213: Hollerado


Arch Enemy and DevilDriver did not disappoint Monday night. They both put on a great show, and thankfully I was able to get out without receiving any bumps or bruises. Since it was an all ages show, it ended up getting done pretty early, which allowed me to take in a second show.

At First Avenue, if you are so inclined, you can pay a $5 crossover fee enabling you to walk through a side door to the much smaller venue, 7th Street Entry. Since Arch Enemy did finish relatively early, I decided to check out what was going on, on the other side of the wall.  I would end up seeing 7 bands that night, with the 7th and final being Hollerado.

Well worth the $5 crossover fee.

Before they went on, I used my trusty smart phone to do a little research, which is where I learned the following:

-  They hail from Ontario, Canada, with three of the four members having grown up together on the same street.
-  They were handpicked by Jack White (of the White Stripes) to open for one of his newer groups, the Dead Weather.
-  They were nominated for 'Best New Group' at the 2011 Juno Awards.

All three of these facts intrigued me, and having also read that they were considered 'indie power pop', it brought fellow Canadian band the New Pornographers to mind.  (If you are unfamiliar with them, I encourage you to get familiar with them now.  Check out my posts from January HERE and HERE).

What was great is that there were maybe only 40 people there, but over half of those people were singing along.  I'm assuming they had seen them perform prior to this evening, but it was obvious that they loved this band.

Many of the songs were infectious, and the one that really stood out to me was "Juliette".  By the end of the song, the entire place was helping sing the chorus.

You could tell the guys in Hollerado were having a lot of fun, and were visibly surprised with what was happening.  Lead vocalist Menno Versteeg even mentioned they were expecting to play to a crowd of less than 10.

Since 2007, they have released 5 demos each entitled Demo in a Bag.  This lead to the 2010 release of Record in a Bag, which I picked up on Monday after the show.  It literally comes in a CD sized ziploc bag, along with a few surprises inside.  Mine came with a temporary tattoo and fortune like one you would find in a fortune cookie.  On this album is where you will find "Juliette" and "Got to Lose".

Based on what I saw that night, I wouldn't be surprised to see them back in town soon.  If you get a chance, they are definitely worth a night out.

Please support this artist!!!


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Post #212: DevilDriver

***Opening for Arch Enemy, 
Monday, October 3rd, at First Avenue***

Most people would agree with me that MTV has taken a big step away from actually playing music. As much as I enjoyed watching Rob & Big, this departure is disappointing to say the least.

With that being said, over the last few years, MTV still had it's moments. Unfortunately, they took place between 3 and 4 AM. I am referring of course to Headbanger's Ball.  What started off as an actual show with a host dedicated to metal, morphed into just a time slot for metal videos, ultimately in July becoming an online-only show.

Headbanger's Ball introduced me to so many metal artists that are in my playlist today: In Flames, God Forbid, Arch Enemy, and the band that will be their opening act tomorrow at First Avenue, Devildriver.

Fronted by Dez Fafara, they formed in 2002, right around the time Dez's other band, Coal Chamber, was calling it quits.  Initially their name was Deathride, but due to copyright issues had to change their name.  They settled on Devildriver which refers to a bell that Italian witches use to drive evil spirits away, 

"End of the Line" was my first introduction to Devildriver, and is the opening track on their second release, The Fury of Our Maker's Hand.

Since then, they have released 3 more albums, including Beast, which came out in February of this year, which is where you will find "Dead to Rights", another opening track.

One thing Devildriver is known for is their ability to create massive mosh pits, which can be seen in the above video taken at the 2007 Download Festival in England.  It will be interesting to see how they fit all of that energy into First Avenue.  I will have my camera at the ready.  Maybe I should bring a mouthguard as well.

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