Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Post #265: Radiohead

***Two new songs from Radiohead.***

I have always admired Radiohead.  Obviously the musical talent is there, but I think it awesome that they do what they want.

Both with the distribution of their music...after leaving their record label EMI, Radiohead released their 7th studio album, In Rainbows, as a 'name your own price' digital download.

...and musically.  Each time they release new material, I never know what to expect.

Well this last week, as an early Christmas present, Radiohead released two new songs, that in my opinion encapsulate two ends of their musical spectrum.

Both songs are great, but I absolutely love "The Daily Mail".  It almost sounds like something that could have come off one of their earlier albums, which are my favorites.  Maybe 2001's Amnesiac.  This actually makes sense because apparently this is a song that the band had been kicking around for about 6 years.

With each passing album, Radiohead seems to move further and further away from mellower songs, creating songs that are full of energy, and at times songs that almost seem like an organized mess.  The second song of this release, "Staircase", falls into that category for me.

The release of these two songs coincides with the release of The King of Limbs - Live From the Basement, a video of them performing all 8 tracks from this year's album The King of Limbs, as well as these two songs.

Love them both, and can't wait to be surprised with what they release next.

Please support this artist!!!


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