Saturday, December 24, 2011

Post #263: Lake Forest

***Solo project from The Wilderness of Manitoba's vocalist.  
New album coming in February.***
(Post #6 of 7 for 'Family Tree' week.  What is the 'Family Tree'?  Click HERE to find out.)

After my previous post of The Wilderness of Manitoba, I started looking into what side projects, if any, their members were a part of.

I came across Lake Forest, a solo 'folk' project of lead vocalist Will Whitwham.

The album came to fruition when last Winter, Will began writing a song a day during his down time.  The end result will be the 11 tracks on his first solo album, Silver Skies, scheduled to be released February 14th.

Lake Forest - Autumn Skies by killbeat music

Allegedly the inspiration for the album came from a family cottage that he was having recurring dreams of.

"Autumn Skies" will be the second track on the new album and can be downloaded through the link to Soundcloud.

The first thing I came across was actually this video of the title track, "Silver Stars".  So good!

Unfortunately, this project is so new that I can't find a webpage, or any other page other than Soundcloud.

Regardless, another successful find on my 'Family Tree' journey.

And another album, I can't wait to add to my collection.

Please support this artist!!!


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  1. awesome. thanks for posting and really looking forward to this!