Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Post #260: Nallo

***Minneapolis band with two new singles and a show 
this Thursday at Amsterdam Bar.***
(Post #3 of 7 for 'Family Tree' week.  What is the 'Family Tree'?  Click HERE to find out.)

Continuing with the 'Family Tree', the first thing I looked at after Matt Latterell's post was at the artists scheduled to play with him this Thursday at the Amsterdam Bar.

That is how I found, Minneapolis band, Nallo.

After listening to "Grownup", I knew I was 3 for 3 so far this week.

Both "Grownup" and "Wine" can be found on their Bandcamp site under the album title Tiny Little Kings.

What is interesting is that Tiny Little Kings isn't necessarily a finished project.  I don't even know if I would call it an album.  On their site, they mention that they created Tiny Little Kings as a place to put their b-sides and demos that "won't end up on the final full-length release."

So far "Grownup" and "Wine" are the only two that have been posted, but it sounds like more are on the way.

With as much as I like these b-sides, I'm excited to hear the finished album.

Please support this artist!!!


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