Monday, December 19, 2011

Post #259: Matt Latterell

***Minneapolis musician, with a new album, and a show this 
Thursday at Amsterdam Bar.***
(Post #2 of 7 for 'Family Tree' week.  What is the 'Family Tree'?  Click HERE to find out.)

As I laid out yesterday, this week I will be doing 6 posts in a row using my 'Family Tree' approach.

What prompted this was that it was the method I was using when I came across Brad Senne, whom I posted HERE 2 days ago.

I decided to start with Brad's 'Likes' on Facebook.

The first thing I noticed is that we shared a common interest in many of the same artists.  Always a good sign that I would be able to find something good...and possibly great.

The second thing I noticed, him being a Minnesotan himself, is that many of his 'Likes' were of musicians local to Minnesota.

Well, I found something local and something great in Matt Latterell.

Based out of Northeast Minneapolis, Matt began writing music at the age of 14 in Foley, Minnesota.

After releasing a few albums with his band Hokey, he started his solo career with a few EPs and a full length album called Charades, which was released in 2010.

At the beginning of 2011, he decided to do something different, by releasing a single a month.  However, after being laid off in May, he decided to change his focus and start working on an album.

This change in focus would lead to the release of Life On Land in October of this year, which is where you will find "Momentum".

Life on Land can be purchased on iTunes, where as his debut full length, Charades, can be found on his Bandcamp page.

SoundCloud is where you will find the singles he released, including "The Kids Are All Adults", which was the first of his singles project.

Of course, being a local artist means a great opportunity for all of us to check him out.  I have added him to the concert calendar for his December 22nd show at Amsterdam Bar in Minneapolis.  Click HERE for the details.

Buy the album!!  And as always....

Please support this artist!!!

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