Friday, December 16, 2011

Post #257: Holcombe Waller

***On my list of Top Albums for 2011 
as well as favorite song.***

Earlier this year, I did a post on Holcombe Waller, which you can check out HERE.

At that time in May I had just heard of him, and unfortunately, the evening he was in town at the Aster Cafe, I arrived just as he was finishing his set.

Even though I missed his performance, I took a chance and picked up his new release of Into the Dark Unknown.

So thankful I did!

I am posting him again because over the last few months, I am realizing what an amazing album it is.

I am obsessed with the title track, and find myself going back to it over and over again.  It has slowly risen the ranks within my list of favorite songs of 2011.

I like it so much, I thought I would post two live versions as well. Unfortunately, the second one won't allow me to embed it, so instead, click HERE to see it on Youtube.

This is an album I highly recommend, and while your at it, check out his previous albums, of which the last couple can be found on iTunes and his Bandcamp page.

Please support this artist!!!

iTunes (LINK to previous album)

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