Saturday, December 10, 2011

Post #253: Keaton Henson

***Recently released two singles in the U.S., and is 
re-releasing debut album this next year.***

In my continued search of new music, I came across Keaton Henson the other day.

From England, he has released one album and two singles.

Unfortunate for us, the only thing we have access to here in the States, up until now, are the two singles.

It seems I have come across this a lot lately, seeing similar situations with Daniel & the Lion (posted HERE) and Dry the River (posted HERE).

I was captivated from the second I played the above video for "Straw Bear".  Partly because of the setting.  Partly because of the 37 seconds of silence to start it off.  But mostly because I heard his voice.

Thankfully, this is one of the singles we have access to in America.

As an added bonus, he had a handful of other videos on his Vimeo page, six of them being additional songs, and all six amazing!  Check them out HERE.

Each of these songs, with the exception of "Straw Bear" can be found his debut release, Dear..., which is being re-released this next year.

I'm not too sure what to expect once that happens as the 23 year old has what he calls an "over active fear gland", which has caused him to shy away from doing live performances.

As I continue to read about Keaton and watch his videos, it is so hard to narrow down which ones to post.

If you visit his webpage, you have the option of watching the above video or to enter the site.  I'm not sure which song this is, or where it is from, other than this video is part of a 25 day project of film maker David Wilson.  One short film a day, done in collaboration with musical artists using new or unreleased material, over the 2011 Advent.

The video is very fitting as Keaton wrote most of his material in his bedroom following a traumatic break-up.

Let's hope that with the re-release, we see his music become readily available in America, and that he figures out a way to suppress the fear of performing.

Please support this artist!!!

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