Friday, December 9, 2011

Post #252: Polica

***Just saw this local band.  CD release show scheduled 
for Valentine's Day.***

Waking up Wednesday morning, I was excited for what the day held.  Not only was I going to be at First Avenue watching one of my favorites, As I Lay Dying, but I was also going to be able to enter the venue early and watch the soundcheck, complete with a meet and greet and photos.

An awesome experience, and something I will never forget.  However it was the rest of the evening that ended up making it, what I would consider, 'special'.

After the soundcheck, I walked next door to The Depot, which is my customary, pre concert stop, to have a beer and their Breakfast Burger.  Not just 'a' breakfast burger...THEIR Breakfast Burger.  I am not exaggerating when I say it is the best burger I have ever had!

During this break, I struck up a conversation with a guy sitting a couple seats over.  There was something different about this guy.  I felt like I knew him, but wasn't completely sure, so I kept it to myself.

We talked about the fact that P.O.S., whom I posted HERE and HERE, was playing a sold out show next door at the 7th Street Entry that same night, and that he probably wouldn't go on until 11pm.  Since my show was all ages and would finish around 10pm, I instantly started thinking about how I was going to get in.

After we said goodbye, I would find out from the waitress that I had been talking to Sims from Doomtree, which made sense as P.O.S.'s show was part of the weeklong Doomtree Blowout.  (Doomtree being the hip hop collective of which both P.O.S. and Sims are a part).  Check out my Doomtree post HERE.

Ultimately, I would end up getting in because of my recent purchase of a First Avenue membership.  Not only does this membership allow me free entrance to any 7th Street Entry show, it also gets me in if it is sold out (assuming it wouldn't break fire code).  If this scenario is indicative of what I can expect with my membership going forward, I definitely think the membership is worth it.

I have seen a number of shows at 7th Street Entry, but by far, I have never seen it this full.  With wall to wall people, Stefan Alexander (P.O.S.) took the stage.  At one point, he was pumping his arm up and down, with the entire crowd mimicking him.  It was like watching something straight out of the movie 8 Mile.  Astronautalis even stopped by to perform help him with a song from their upcoming project, Four Fists.

I digress....

The reason for this post was the opening band, Polica.  Lately, I have been seeing posters at First Avenue and the Electric Fetus advertising their CD release show coming up this February 14th for their new album, Give You the Ghost.  Both "Wandering Star" and "Lay Your Cards Out" will be found on this release.

I have been meaning to check them out.  Little did I know that I would be doing so at a live show.

Like a lot of local bands, it seems they play around town on a regular basis.  In fact, they are playing tonight at the Turf Club.  I'll be adding them to the concert calendar as I see shows added to their schedule.

I really think this band could be going places, and I'm hoping I get a chance to see them at a venue like the 7th Street again.

If you get the chance, I suggest you do too.

Please support this artist!!!

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