Thursday, December 8, 2011

Post #251: The White Buffalo

***New EP released on Tuesday of this week.***

Earlier this year, I posted about Jake Smith.

Chances are you just said to yourself, "Who?"

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a name like Jake Smith.  In fact, I'm sure it has served him well over the years.

Similar to how I know Henry John Deutschendorf as John Denver and Georgios Panayiotou as George Michael, I know Jake Smith as The White Buffalo.  You can check out my previous post of him HERE.

Year to date, this is one of the finds that I am most excited about.

So I was absolutely pumped to see a new EP called Lost and Found, released on Tuesday.

The Living Room Sessions | The White Buffalo from Pastime Productions on Vimeo.

Five more great songs to add to my library including "Darkside of Town".

I can't get over how much I love his voice.  I could listen to this song over and over, especially this live version.

This is one of those songs/videos where I can't fathom how someone couldn't fall in love with it right away.  But as I've learned in the past, my tastes at times can be unique.  Disagreement on an artist or a song is still bound to happen, and could possibly happen with this one too.

So what do you think??

In the discography section of his website he has a photo of his upcoming album entitled, Once Upon a Time In the West, with the words 'Coming Soon' written underneath.

I am so hopeful that he makes it back through town in support of the new album.

I will definitely keep you posted.

Please support this artist!!!

Wikipedia (still no page)

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