Sunday, December 4, 2011

Post #249: Perfume Genius

***Currently on tour, opening for Beirut.  New album 
released last December.***

Before shows, I typically make an effort to do some research on the opening acts.  Sometimes, if I know a little bit about them before going in, it helps me feel a little more connected.

Well, with things being so hectic lately, I realized on the way to see Beirut on Friday night, I hadn't done this yet.

After parking, and during my walk to First Avenue, I pulled up the bio they had posted on their site.  It opened with this:
Even though he is only in his 20’s, the story to date of one Mike Hadreas, aka Perfume Genius, has the peculiar twists and turns of a person who has lived through at least several lifetimes, and has seen rather more darkness than most.
This sounded very interesting.

Based on the name, I could have assumed he was very intelligent, and that he carried a delightful odor, but musically I had no idea what to expect.

Being very familiar with Beirut (whom I posted HERE), I knew there wasn't a chance he would sound anything like them.

I was very pleasantly surprised, and walked out with his first and only release, 2010's Learning.

Very quiet, very stripped down and having a lo-fi quality, at times it was very difficult to hear over the voices of the hundreds already in attendance, vying for their desired spot.  As is true with most shows, the crowd was there for Beirut.  Most of them probably had the attitude of 'Who cares?' when it came to Perfume Genius' performance.

Thankfully, I had a spot fairly close, and was able to hear enough to make me a fan.

Since getting home, I have been able to look into him more and his lyrics do tend to be on the darker side.  Looking back, it makes me appreciate the performance that much more.  It was completely obvious how personal the songs were for him, and how gut-wrenching they probably are to sing.

Please support this artist!!!

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