Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mix-tape #1: Gone but not forgotten.

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One cool thing about this blog, is that it has connected me with people from all over the world.  People that I know share a common love for music.

This is how I came across Mike.

Mike lives in Ontario, Canada, and through a handful of tweets, it looked like he was a Green Bay Packer fan.

So I did what any self-respecting Vikings fan would do (assuming there are any left), and I placed a wager with him on the November 14th Vikings/Packers game.

To be honest, I wasn't going into this game hopeful that the Vikings stood a chance.  Instead, I went in just for the fun of it.  I tend to enjoy gambling.  However, once Mike threw out the stakes, I knew that win or lose, I would win.

The wager was this...the loser would create what Mike deemed as an 'awesome playlist' or an 'ultimate playlist.'  I loved the idea and agreed immediately.  I love making playlists!  Truly, that's what this blog is, one long mix tape.  I also love being on the receiving end, always hopeful to find new music.

But what is an 'awesome' or 'ultimate' mix?
 - Is it my favorite songs of all time?
 - My favorite songs from this year?
 - My favorite artists?
 - Bands that I think Mike would like?
 - Bands that I have already posted?
 - Bands I plan on posting?

I have always taken my mix making seriously, and I never want to just throw a bunch of songs together.  My goal here was to create a mix of songs that I love, but of bands that Mike, and more than likely many of you, hadn't experienced before and that wouldn't normally make it onto this blog.  Since the blog revolves primarily around artists that are actively touring or actively making music, it tends to ignore the countless bands that aren't together any longer.  The ones that, if I didn't post, you might never hear of.

10 songs by 10 artists that I'm hoping some day will give it another go.  As you can tell, I went through my music collection alphabetically.

The A-Sides - "Sinking With the Ship"
Alva Star - "Unhappily Yours"
  (Minneapolis band led by John Hermanson of Storyhill, posted HERE)
The Antiques - "Pigless"
Backyard Tire Fire - "A Long Time"
Basement Apartment - "Aging Bird"
  (another Minneapolis band)
Biirdie - "Catherine Avenue"
Birddog - "Singapore Creek Seduction"
The Broken West - "So It Goes"
Canada - "The King's Ashes"
Echobrain - "Knock 'Em Out"
  (Jason Newsted's former side project, which led to him leaving Metallica, posted HERE)

ZIP FILE (Click to download.  It will say it was too large to scan for
viruses, but you can click, download anyway.)

In the end, the Vikings lost 45-7, and I found out Mike is really a Bills fan.

Either way, I think I came out on the winning end of this bet.

Hope you like the mix Mike.  I wouldn't put it in the category of 'Ultimate', but I definitely think it is 'Awesome'.  There will be more mixes coming in the months ahead.

Anyone else want to make any wagers??

Please support these artists!!!

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