Friday, November 25, 2011

Record Store Day celebrates Black Friday

***Record Store Day celebrates Black Friday.***

One of my favorite things to do is go to the record store.

There is something so relaxing about flipping through stacks of vinyl and CDs, one, by one, by one.  I always lose track of time, and typically run out of time.

I for one have a habit of making regular trips to the record store, and unfortunately this is not a trait shared with most of the general public.  It is this lack of patronage and the growth of digital downloads that is making it harder and harder for the true music stores to keep their doors open.  This is where Record Store Day can hopefully be of some help.

Taking place on the third Saturday of each April, it is the day that fans, artists and independent music stores join together and celebrate their love of music.

Initially conceived as a way to celebrate the art of music, it has also done a good job of getting people to actually go to the record stores.  A reason for this is that the releases are special, limited edition items, often times vinyl, that are produced in quantities of anywhere between 300 and 7000.

The first Record Store Day started in 2008, bringing approximately 10 special releases through 300 or so stores.

With each year it has grown substantially with this year seeing over 150 special releases, distributed through over 700 stores, with over 600 artists making in store appearances by either performing or doing a meet and greet.

With today being Black Friday, and all about shopping, it would only make sense that Record Store Day utilize it as well.

Below is a link to a PDF list of today's Black Friday releases from artists like Ryan Adams, Black Keys, Wilco, The Cilvil Wars, Beastie Boys and Kings of Leon.

Hopefully the creation of this glorious day in April, and the addition of Black Friday Record Store Day, will help the independent music store stick around for as long as possible.

PDF list of today's releases

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