Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Post #247: Yellow Ostrich

***New album released in August of this year.***

Growing up, watching Sesame Street, I never bothered to ask certain questions.  What is Snuffleupagus?  Are there such creatures as Grouches?  Is Elmo really that ticklish?  Instead, I trusted them.  Trusted that in the end, my questions would be answered, like coming to the end of Lost.

Unfortunately, I never received my answers...until now.  Recently, I picked up the new Yellow Ostrich album, and I feel that their name answers one of those long unanswered question, What is Big Bird?

One less thing for me to worry about.

(Disclaimer:  I came to this conclusion alone.  At no point during their album do they endorse Sesame Street or Big Bird.  And not once to they reference the fact that they have cracked the code).

Their full length album, The Mistress, was released in August of this year, and is where you will find both "Mary" and "Whale".  I absolutely love this album, and it leaves me wanting so much more!

Thankfully, after further research, that is what I found.

After moving from Wisconsin to New York, Alex Schaaf, using the lo-fi approach of a 4 track recorder, released his first full length album in 2009, and since has released a handful of EPs.  Experimental at times, ranging from The Serious Kids EP which is a trial run at dance music, to The Morgan Freeman EP which was "inspired by Morgan Freeman's Wikipedia page".

The one that really caught my attention was the most recent, 2010's Fade Cave EP, which consists entirely of vocals and nothing more than a drum machine.  So good!

Each release, up until The Mistress, is available on their Bandcamp page.  I have included the link HERE, but have also embedded his first self titled release, as well as the Fade Cave EP.

They have chosen to allow these as downloads for a 'Name your price' price tag.  However, I am including them here with the hopes that not only will you download and spread the word, but that you will decide to buy them at a reasonable price.

Yellow Ostrich played at the 400 Bar back in April.  Let's buy enough to ensure that they will be back in the near future.

Please support this artist!!!

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