Sunday, November 27, 2011

Post #244: Feist

***New album released in October, and a cameo 
in the new Muppets movie.***

At this point, I think most people are familiar with Feist.  Up until Friday, I could say the same thing for myself.  Except in my situation, I hadn't actually listened to her yet.

It took bringing my boys to see the new Muppet Movie, in which Feist makes a cameo, for me to pull up her recently released album Metals on my ipod.  Up until this weekend, the only Feist album I owned.

Born in Nova Scotia, Leslie Feist has released 5 solo albums, spanning from 1999 to October of this year.  During this time she also lent her vocals to fellow Canadian band Broken Social Scene.

As the opening track on Metals, "The Bad In Each Other" had me hooked instantly.  I'm still digesting this album, and will continue to do so before I crack into her previous work.

Hopefully I'll have a chance to do so before she appears in the Muppet sequel.

Please support this artist!!


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