Monday, November 21, 2011

Post #239: Wooden Wand

***New album Briarwood is being released tomorrow.***

James Jackson Toth is a man of many names and many albums.  Using the mediums of cassettes, CD-Rs, Vinyl, and CDs, he has released over 100 albums to date.  Sometimes under his name.  Sometimes under the moniker WAND.  Tomorrow he releases Briarwood under another, Wooden Wand.

I tried to find a music player so that I could embed a couple of his new songs in this post, but couldn't get one to work.  Instead, I suggest visiting his Facebook page, where he has two of the tracks, "Big Mouth" and "Winter in Kentucky" available for listening.

Instead I found the above on Youtube, which is the 2nd song on his previous release, Death Seat. from 2010.

In this album, like this song, I hear a little Dylan and 60's style rock.  However, this isn't necessarily indicative of the rest of his catalog, which has drawn comparisons to genres such as Freak Folk, Acid Folk, Psych Folk and Indie Folk.

I'd say it is safe to say that it is some kind of folk.

Regardless, there is something here for everyone.

Please support this artist!!!

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