Saturday, November 19, 2011

Post #238: A Lull

***Released a new EP in August.***

Tonight I rediscovered a recent find.  I can't say it is a new find, as I saw them open for Cold War Kids at First Avenue earlier this year.  They impressed me enough that evening, that I came home with two albums and a signed, screen printed poster.  (By the way, you can check out my Cold War Kids posts HERE and HERE).

Unfortunately, it has been my love of music that has prevented me from listening to them again until now.

I am backlogged.  Concert outings and trips to Cheapo and Electric Fetus have left me with a stack of about 100 CDs in my 'music' room, which I have yet to download onto my computer.

Throughout an evening of laundry, and spending time with my two boys, I have been attacking this project, one album at a time.  I'm about a third of the way through, and just came across Confetti, the full length album released in April by Chicago band, A Lull.  This is where you will find "Weapons For War".

Be patient with this one.  If you didn't know what to expect, it almost comes across as an instrumental at first.  The lyrics start just after 1:35 in.

More recently, A Lull released Confetti Reprise, an EP with 4 additional songs.  From what I have read, the band actually had 70 songs that were finished or close to being finished, narrowing it down to 15 for the album.  Once this was complete, they were still 20 minutes too long, so they removed 4 songs.  I am assuming that these are those 4 songs.

With as much as I like this, I'm extremely curious to hear what the other 55 songs sound like.

Please support this artist!!!

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