Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Post #236: Hey Rosetta!

***Playing at the 7th Street Entry this Friday***

This Friday, Hey Rosetta! will be hitting the 7th Street Entry stage, one day after playing in their home country of Canada.

Looking at their tour calendar, they are traveling along the Northern border, bouncing back and fourth between Canada and the U.S., finishing up in their home of Newfoundland.

What is interesting is that tickets for the show this Friday are only $12.50, an inexpensive and typical price for a show at 7th Street.  But when you compare this to their shows in Canada, which are going for $30 and selling out, it becomes obvious that these guys might have something special to offer, and would be worth checking out.

More than likely we won't be able to see them for $12.50 again.

Chances are that their popularity in Canada has to do with the awards they have been winning since they got their start in 2006:  Band of the Year, Rock Recording of the Year, Album of the Year, and so on.

Most recently they were up for the 2011 Polaris Music Prize which is given to the best full length Canadian album.  They made the final list of 10 nominees, ultimately losing to Arcade Fire's The Suburbs.

This is where you will find both "Bandages" and "Yer Fall".

What a wonderful way to spend a Friday night!

Please support this artist!!!

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