Monday, November 14, 2011

Post #234: Sigur Ros

***Releasing a DVD & Double CD set of 
live material tomorrow.  The movie also has upcoming 
screenings at St. Anthony Main Theater.***

I don't remember exactly when, but it was probably not long after their 2002 release, ( ), that I came across Sigur Ros.

What started off as a typical trip to CD Exchange, turned in to a long conversation with the clerk behind the counter, each of us sharing the names of bands and artists that the other may like.

He asked me if I listened to Radiohead, and I said, "Of Course!".  He then asked me if I had ever heard of Sigur Ros, and after hearing "No.", suggested I pick up ( ).

Right away the packaging caught my attention as this was back when 99% of CDs came in a plain old jewel case.  Packaging was rarely 'interesting'.  This however was different, as it had a plastic sleeve that slid over the jewel case.  Nothing super fancy, but I loved it!

From Reykjavik, Iceland, and named ofter vocalist Jonsi's sister (Victory Rose in English), most of their music across 5 albums is sung in Icelandic.  With the exception of ( ).

On this album, there are no actual lyrics.  Instead, Jonsi uses Vonlenska, which is a term used to describe lyrics used by the band that are unintelligible.  They first did this with the song "Von" from their 1997 first release, and is where it gets it's name.  In English, Vonlenska translates to Hopelandic.

The best way to describe it, as the band states on their website, is that it is "a form of gibberish vocals that fits to the music."

To make it even more ambiguous, the songs don't really have titles either.  Starting with the above song, they are called "Track 1", "Track 2", etc., through 8 songs.

I often times have a hard time listening to music without lyrics or with lyrics I can't understand (with the exception of some heavy metal of course).  However, I can get lost in this CD.  It is beautiful.

Tomorrow, Sigur Ros will release INNI, which is a DVD and double CD of live performances.

If you are so inclined, they are also doing screenings around the world, and just so happen to have a weeks worth coming up from November 25th through December 1st at the St. Anthony Main Theater.  Click HERE for tickets.

If nothing else, pick up ( ) will be glad you did.

Please support this artist!!!


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