Sunday, November 6, 2011

Post #228: The Dear Hunter

***Opened for Manchester Orchestra 
last night at The Cabooze.  Released EP collection, 
The Color Spectrum, in June of this year.***

Last night Manchester Orchestra put on one of the best shows I have seen in a long time.  So many things made this night perfect.  Not only did I get to enjoy the show with two friends from my favorite viewing spot within the Cabooze, but Andy Hull's vocals were dead on, the band's energy was endless, and when I had the opportunity to meet them afterwards they were super cool guys.

To make the night even better, I believe I 'married' a new band:  The Dear Hunter, from Rhode Island.

In fact, I could take the description of Manchester above and swap Andy's name with Casey Crescenzo and it would fit The Dear Hunter as well.

This was another situation where I had 'heard OF them' but hadn't 'heard them.'

They had me sold in the middle of their second song, during which I tweeted 3 letters that summed up how I felt: "WOW!"

It will take me a few days to get my videos uploaded, so I'm glad I found the one above, which I think is a great representation of their performance.

"We've Got a Score to Settle" can be found on the Red EP, which is one of 9 EPs that make up The Color Spectrum. This was a project envisioned by frontman Casey, in which each EP, named after the colors in the spectrum, interprets the colors through music.

Prior to The Color Spectrum, they released 3 studio albums, which are Acts I, II, and III of a 6 act story revolving around a character only known as The Dear Hunter.

"What it Means to Be Alone" can be found on Act III, which was released in 2009.

After the show, I came home with Acts II and III, The Color Spectrum, as well as one of their shirts.

They definitely had me at "Hello".

Please support this artist!!!

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