Thursday, November 3, 2011

Post #226: Manchester Orchestra

***Playing at the Cabooze this Saturday night***

Earlier this year, on May 10th, Manchester Orchestra released their third album entitled Simple Math, an album I had anxiously been awaiting ever since becoming addicted to their second release, 2009's Mean Everything to Nothing. (I posted two solo acoustic songs from this album HERE and HERE).

They did not disappoint!

In fact, as I look back at the hundreds of albums I have added to my library this year, the song "April Fool" could quite possibly be my favorite song of 2011.

With two months left in the year, there is always a chance it will get beat out.

But at this point, I'd say that is a tall order.

To be completely honest, I find it hard to believe that this show isn't sold out yet.  It's only $16!!

I can't wait to get some great video capturing their amazing music and Andy Hull's perfect voice and trademark facial contortions.

Please support this artist!!!


  1. Dan! I am so excited! This is one of those shows that when I see the announcement I get butterflies and filled with anxiousness. So glad it works for you and Brian to come.