Monday, October 31, 2011

Post #224: Down Like Silver

***Just released a 6 song EP via Bandcamp***

Today was a tough one.  It's Halloween.  I should post something scary.  GWAR is coming to town, and there aren't very many bands out there scarier than them....

But then I got an email from Peter Bradley Adams' email list telling me of a new side project he started with Caitlin Canty, called Down Like Silver, and that they just released new music.

This made it a no brainer.  Besides, you probably didn't want to hear GWAR anyway.

But then I had a new dilemma.  I have been a fan of Peter's since his 2003 release as a duo with Kat Maslich under the name eastmountainsouth, and since then all of his solo work.

What do I post?  This new side project?  Or do I go back and post his previous work?

Thankfully, Down Like Silver had this nice and handy music player on their Bandcamp site, so I decided to stick with Down Like Silver, and save the others for future posts (including GWAR).  I will hold off and share Peter's background and history in those posts.

First off, if you are unfamiliar with Bandcamp, more and more of the artists I listen too are using it.  It allows them a medium to post their music and ultimately sell it directly to fans.  It is basically an online store-front.  Check it out...awesome site!!

Anyways, having now heard Peter in his third project (that I know of), I have come to the conclusion that he can't go wrong.  Not only does he have a voice I could listen to non stop, but when he pairs that with a female, it is down right amazing!!

This gave me chills.  Especially numbers 1, 4, 5 and 6.

I dare you to not like this!

Please support this artist!!!

Website (currently under construction)
Bandcamp (not on itunes yet)
  - Peter Bradley Adams
  - Caitlin Canty
  - Peter Bradley Adams
  - Peter Bradley Adams

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