Saturday, October 29, 2011

Post #222: Lou Reed & Metallica

***Lulu, the collaboration between Lou Reed and Metallica, will be released this Tuesday the 1st***

As I have mentioned before, Metallica is one of those bands that I am married to.  Part of being married to them means that I would purchase anything they release without question....even if it were material deemed by many to 'suck'.

A perfect example of this is when they released St. Anger in 2003.  Metallica definitely took a step away from the sound that many had grown accustomed to, and created an album that consisted of less order and more chaos.

To this day, it is one of my favorite albums, and I am still baffled when I come across a 'Metallica fan' that not only thinks it is their worse album, but that actually hates the album.

This summer it was announced that Metallica had been collaborating with Lou Reed, a pairing that I consider to be very interesting.  The fact that Metallica was involved made it a forgone conclusion that I would like it, and would be making the purchase on release day, this Tuesday, November 1st.

Then I listened to "The View".

My goal with this blog has been to stay away from reviews, so I will leave it at this:  This was the first time I listened to new Metallica, and felt a sense of disappointment.

Don't get me wrong, I will still be purchasing the album, and listening to it before I actually formulate a complete opinion.  I'm just hoping that if I don't like it at first, that over time it is one of those albums I grow to love.  Many of my favorite albums traveled this same path.

What are your thoughts after your first listen?

Please support this artist!!!

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