Thursday, October 27, 2011

Post #220: Das Racist

***New album, Relax, was released 
on September 13th*** 

It doesn't matter where I am or what I am doing...if there is music playing, my ears pick up on it.

Do I know this song?  Do I know this artist?  And offten times I do.

If I don't, thankfully I have a smart phone.  With it's Song ID application or a quick online search, I can get my answers in seconds.

Today I was stumped.

As I was at Uptown Tattoo awaiting my 12:30 consult, "Michael Jackson" came on.

I had absolutely no idea who it was.  It definitely was interesting at first, and by the time it finished I knew it would be in my library by the end of the day.  Typing in 'Michael Jackson 1 million dollars' brought up the name Das Racist.

A three man alternative hip-hop group from Brooklyn, New York, they just released their first official studio album, entitled Relax, this last month.

This is a band that I have seen in a lot of the music press I subscribe to, and is a band I normally wouldn't have checked out.  This is a perfect example where hearing it for myself is causing me to do so, and precisely why I am doing this blog.

Please support this artist!!!


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