Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Post #218: These United States


A recent thing I have started doing with each post is to include a picture at the beginning of each post.  This is something I take pretty seriously, as I try to find a picture that can help show the personality of the band.  A picture that I feel can offer additional insight.

After visiting These United States' website, the above picture was a no brainer.

There are a number of words that could be used to describe These United States, but there are three that stick out to me: unique, quirky, and eccentric.

Of course, these words could also be used as descriptors for the list of bands and artists they have toured with, like the Fruit Bats whom I posted HERE, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy whom I posted HERE and HERE, and Langhorne Slim whom I posted HERE.
A band that seems to split it's home between Kentucky, New York and North Carolina (at least according to their Twitter profile), they have released 4 albums since 2008, their most recent being the 2010 release, What Lasts.  This is where you will find "Ever Make You Mine" (above) and "What Do You Want With My Heart" (below).

Their sound is hard to pinpoint as I can hear pop, freak-folk, and Americana all wrapped in to one on "Ever Make You Mine", and with the rest of their catalog, they seem to weave in and out of all three sounds, together and separately.

According to their website, they are currently in the studio, recording their fifth album, so if you don't catch this show, chances are they will be back this next year.

At least I'm hoping so.

Please support this artist!!!


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