Friday, October 21, 2011

Post #216: Puscifer

***Puscifer just released Conditions of My Parole this last week and is coming to the State Theater on November 14th***

As I have written in the introduction and description of this site, a feel that I have a relationship with the music I listen to...hence the name, Please Date My Music.

Sometimes this relationship could be likened to dating or possibly even a marriage.  Since I tend to be very open minded when it comes to music, both my 'music I date' and 'music I am married to' lists are quite long.  However, if I needed to, I could probably shorten both lists, as difficult as that might be, to bands that fit these descriptions more so than other bands.

Towards the top of the list in the marriage column are artists/bands like:  Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Mason Jennings, Andrew Bird, Sevendust, Days of the New, Storyhill.  Bands, that without question, I will purchase every piece of music I can find, and attend any show that takes place within a reasonable distance.

On this list, you will also find Tool.

My love for Tool began as a Sophomore in college when a new friend of mine, whom I will call Kevin, since that is his name, popped their 1993 debut album Undertow into his car stereo.

This was back before we had technology that allowed us to bring entire music libraries with us, and we had to choose what CDs we were putting into our carrying cases.  This was when everyone had a pull out stereo face and would rewire their speakers, putting 2x3 foot speakers in their back seat, making it difficult to fit all of their friends.  This was Kevin's car.

One thing that pulled me into this relationship I have with Tool is the voice of Maynard James Keenan.  There is something so powerful and so beautiful about his voice.  He has the ability to go back and forth between the two separately, or convey both at the same time.  Truly awesome!

In 1999, Maynard began lending his voice to side projects such as A Perfect Circle, which I posted HERE in April, and in 2003 to Puscifer, which some consider his pseudonym, seeing that the band consists of Maynard as it's sole permanent member, and a revolving door of other talented musicians including Joey Jordison (Slipknot), Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk (Rage Against the Machine), and Danny Lohner (NIN).

Puscifer first started as a fictional band made up of Maynard and Tool bandmate Adam Jones in an episode of the HBO series Mr. Show in 1995  It would be 12 years later that Puscifer would start officially releasing music with the 2007 full length, V is for Vagina, which is where you will find "Momma Sed".  Since then a number of singles, EPs and remix albums have been released, and now this last week, a second full length entitled Conditions of My Parol.

I absolutely love this new album.  It still is Maynard's voice, but this album seems much more mellow, even bringing in female vocals for many of the songs, like "Green Valley".  They sound so great together!!  She joins in at about 1:10 in.

Then you have a song that completely blew my mind, "Tumbleweeds", which feels like Alison Krauss bluegrass.

Today, if I still had to limit myself to 60 CDs in a vinyl covered case, Maynard would no doubt take up a few of those coveted slots.

Thank you Maynard for your voice, and for continuing to do your own thing.

I am pumped for the Pusicfer show and looking forward to what you come up with next.

Please support this artist!!!


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