Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Post #214: Alberta Cross

***Opening for Portugal. The Man this 
Thursday at First Avenue***

This Thursday, Portugal. The Man will be hitting the Mainroom at First Avenue.  A psychedelic rock band originally hailing from Alaska.

This promises to be a great show.  Not just because of Portugal. The Man, but also in part because of whom they are bringing along:  Alberta Cross.

Made up of two primary members that do most of the writing, bassist Terry Wolfers and vocalist/guitarist Petter Eriksson Stakee, after their first release, they relocated from London to Brooklyn, New York, where they added what are now the other current band members.

With the show being this week, I have had their newest full length album from 2009, Broken Side of Time, on repeat.  I have basically been mourning the fact that I can't make the show.  It is on this album where you will find "Song Three Blues" which is the opening track, and the one I keep finding myself going back to.  I couldn't decide between the album version and the live acoustic version, so I posted both.

Not only did I have a hard time deciding what version of "Song Three Blues" to post, but I had a hard time choosing which songs from this album to post as well.  I decided to go with "Broken Side of Time".  I encourage you to also give a listen to the tracks "Old Man Chicago" and "City Walls".

While listening to this album, I hear some similarities to Neil Young, whom is considered one of their influences, and Band of Horses.  If you are unfamiliar with Band of Horses, hear them HERE and HERE in my posts from January. 

Aside from Broken Side of Time, you can check out their debut album from 2007, The Thief & the Heartbreaker, which is where you will find "Low Man", as well as two EPs: 2007's Leave Us Or Forgive Us, and The Rolling Thunder which was just released in September of this year.

Such an unfortunate show to miss.

Please support this artist!!!


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