Friday, September 30, 2011

Post #211: Beirut

***New album, The Rip Tide, was released on August 2nd.
Beirut will be coming to First Avenue on December 2nd***

Seeing that the extent of my musical talent consists of attending concerts, buying music, and spinning my thumb on my ipod, occasionally pushing pause, it always amazes me to witness someone with true musical talent.  Especially when that talent shines through very early in life.

Zach Condon, was born in Sante Fe, New Mexico in 1986.  Playing the trumpet in jazz band, he dropped out of school at the age of 16, and moved to Europe with his brother the following year.  This is where he would become aware of Balkan folk music, which subsequently would be a large influence on his style.

He would return from Europe, start his solo project Beirut, and release his first album, Gulag Orkestar in 2006, most of which he recorded by himself in his basement.  This is where you will find "Postcards From Italy".  HE WAS ONLY 20!!!  This song was my first exposure to Beirut, and to this day is my favorite Beirut tune.

Since that first release, Beirut would expand into a full band and release 4 EPs and two more albums, the most recent being The Rip Tide, which is where you will find "Sante Fe".

Throughout each album, Zach brings his unique vocals, which at times I feel sounds like it could be a European singing English, as well as his skills on the trumpet, ukulele and flugelhorn.  There are a small percentage of artists and bands out there that I can say are so unique that there is truly no other that 'sounds' like them.  Beirut is one of these artists.

#64.1 - Beirut - Nantes by lablogotheque

#64.2 - Beirut - The Penalty by lablogotheque

Aside from the uniqueness of the sound, there is something happy and energizing about the music.  It always has the ability to cheer me up, which I feel is evident in the two above videos, as he walks the streets of Paris: the way he carries himself, his smile, and his playful attitude.

Both "Nantes" and "The Penalty" can be found on his 2007 release, The Flying Club Cup.

Be patient with both videos, as they take a little bit to get started.  For "Nantes", things get started at 30 seconds in, with the band joining in at 1:23.

For "The Penalty" things get started at 1:25.  Then, after entering the bar, and walking to the back, Zach is joined by his band at 2:45 in.

Absolutely beautiful!

A band I have wanted to see since the very second their music hit my ears.  I can't wait for this one!



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