Saturday, September 24, 2011

Post #210: Green River Ordinance

***The Morning Passengers EP was released 
in September of 2010***

Finishing up my trip to Delaware yesterday, I made my customary stop at Applebee's on my way to the airport.  I can't explain it, but for some reason, no matter where I go, an Applebee's always seems to be a stone's throw away.

With Mountain Dew, free Wi-Fi, and what I consider to be the best buffalo sauce can you go wrong?

With about 4 hours to kill, I set up camp and started searching Youtube.  I entered 'Minnesota acoustic'.  Mostly what came up were videos of young guys playing cover songs in the privacy of their bedroom.  Amongst these many videos was an acoustic performance by Green River Ordinance at the Best Buy in Roseville.  It peaked my interest enough, that I decided to dig further, and I am glad I did.

From Fort Worth, Texas, their name comes from the laws which forbid door to door sales, unless the homeowner has given permission to do so.

With 4 EPs and 2 full length albums, at first listen they reminded me of bands like Augustana and Parachute.  However, it was their 2010 release of The Morning Passengers EP that really stood out to me.  A 6 song acoustic album.  This is where you will find "Dancing Shoes".

There are times for me when I fall in love with an artist due strictly to their album.  In these cases, if I like the album enough, it helps me appreciate the concert more, because I am familiar with the music.  This will often times allow me to the cut the artist some slack with their live performance.

Then there are artists, where the album or music doesn't catch me right away, or I'm left feeling it was 'okay'.  But then I see them live, and it gives me such an appreciation for them and their music, and helps me hear the album in a completely different light.

"On Your Own" can be found on their last full length album from 2009, Out of my Hands.  The above video of a live acoustic version makes me believe that Green River Ordinance falls into this second category for me.

Green River Ordinance is now on my list of artists I want to see and hopefully they will come back sometime soon.

Most recently in April of this year, they released a 5 song EP titled, Songs We Like From Before We Were Born, which includes "Stuck in the Middle" by the Steelers Wheels, "American Girl" by Tom Petty and "Go Your Own Way" by Fleetwood Mac.

I should also mention that they are very active with charity work.  In fact, if you visit the link below, a portion of the proceeds from music purchased through this site, will go to organizations like Autism Speaks and charity:water.



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