Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Post #209: TV On The Radio

***New album, Nine Types of Light, was released in 
April of this year***

This morning I set my alarm for 4am so that I could pack and be to the airport in time for my trip to Wilmington, Delaware, through Philly.  Everything was on track and going smoothly.  I had my bags packed, and was in the car by 5:30, arriving at the airport at 6am.

Then I saw the security line, and knew there might be a problem.  After checking my bag, I took my place in line.

60 minutes later, I had missed my 7:15 flight.

What a perfect time for a post!  The next flight doesn't leave until 1pm.

About a month ago, I was in the kitchen, making some soup from scratch.  Like any other time I am doing something that takes more than 10 minutes, I had my music playing, specifically my playlist of songs that I've had for awhile, but not had a chance to listen to yet.  "Golden Age" came on.

Wow!  How did I not listen to these guys before!

TV on the Radio is a band that I have been familiar with as they have been a regular topic in much of the music press I subscribe too.  This is probably why I never really bothered to check them out.  For some reason, when I see a lot of press for a band, I tend to get skeptical.  It is irrational I know, but true nonetheless.

After hearing "Golden Age" from their 2008 album Dear Science, I immediately put it, as well as their newest release, Nine Types of Light on play.  On my first time through there were a handful of songs that grabbed me immediately, with others doing so after a few listens.

Two of those songs were "Killer Crane" and "Caffeinated Consciousness", both of which you can find on Nine Types of Light.

I think these three songs show the range of their music.  From the poppy spaciness of "Golden Age", to the mellowness of "Killer Crane", to the rock on "Caffeinated Consciousness" reminiscent of INXS.

At this point, I only own the two albums, but will definitely be checking out their first three in the near future.  (OK Calculator from 2002, Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes from 2004, and Return to Cookie Mountain from 2006).

Recently, they stopped in Minneapolis for a two night stint at First Avenue, which I unfortunately did not make due to my coming late to the TV on the Radio party.

I will not be letting that happen again.

However, even more unfortunate was that the shows were rescheduled from their initial April dates after bassist Gerard Smith passed away after battling lung cancer, and only 9 days after the release of Nine Types of Light.

Rest in peace Gerard.


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