Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Post #208: Tom Brosseau


Tonight I have the opportunity to attend a show in St. Paul with a friend, that I have no doubt will be fun: The Foo Fighters. I've always gotten a kick out of Dave Grohl and think he is a great showman.

As much as I am, and have been, looking forward to this show, part of my heart will be in the neighboring city of Minneapolis, at the Aster Cafe.

Not long after I purchased my Foo Fighters tickets, I found out that the Milk Carton Kids would be performing the same evening. My first exposure to the Milk Carton Kids was when they opened for Joe Purdy earlier this year at the Varsity Theater.  If you haven't yet, check out my post HERE from May.

In that May post, I mention the fact that the Milk Carton Kids proved to me once again that it is an absolute must to catch the opening act.  In that instance it was because the Milk Carton Kids went from not being on my radar at all to being in regular rotation on my ipod.

In this instance, it is because I am familiar with the opening act, and feel that he is equally as talented.

Born and raised in Grand Forks, North Dakota, Tom Brosseau released his first album entitled North Dakota in 2002.  Since then he has released 7 more including a live album.

A lot of albums to choose from so I will make a suggestion and say start with his 2006 self titled album, which to date is still my favorite, and was where I got started.  I encourage you to check out the songs "No Reason", "I Have Been a Prisoner, O Lord", and "Yodeling For You".

Brosseau is a mixture of indie folk and blue grass, which is evidenced by the video above of him walking the streets of New York performing "Amory", off of his 2007 album Cavalier.

Most recently, Tom teamed up with Angela Correa to form Les Shelleys.  Together they released their eponymous album in 2010.

I love these two videos I came across of Tom and Angela, and think their voices sound great together.  However I must note, both of these songs are not on the Les Shelleys release, and can be found on his 2009 release, Posthumous Success.

What is really cool, is that if you go to his website to the 'E Me' link, which I'm assuming stands for 'Email Me', he encourages people to reach out and contact him.  This is what it says:

"Hi. Don’t be shy. Really. If you want to write, well write! Let’s say you’ve got a question 
on your mind, or maybe you want to purchase a tee shirt, 
Compact Disc, or vinyl edition of music straight from me. 
Why not give it a try. I always find time. I do. 
I like to hear from people, too. Yours true, TB."

I love musicians that like to interact with their fans, and it was seeing this on his page that made me even more disappointed I will be missing it.  In fact, I will be writing him as soon as I'm done with this post.



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