Sunday, June 26, 2011

Post #203: Other Lives

***Coming to the 7th Street Entry on July 19th***

Last week attending the Horse Feathers concert at the 7th Street Entry was amazing!

There are certain bands that when I see them live, it is almost like I am discovering their music all over again, which is exactly what happened.  I'll expand on this more when I get the videos I shot uploaded.

Before the show, I made my traditional rounds of the venue scouting out posters for upcoming shows to see if there were any I wasn't aware of.

I was excited to see that Other Lives will be coming July 19th, opening for The Rosebuds.  I believe this will be another 'rediscovery' moment.

From Stillwater, Oklahoma, they were initially an instrumental band called Kunek.  After one album, they decided to add vocals to the mix, changed their name to Other Lives, and released their first, self titled, full length album in 2009.  "Don't Let Them" is the song that got me hooked.

Then in May of this year, they released their second full length, Tamer Animals, which is where you will find both "Dust Bowl III", as well as "For 12".

So glad they decided to add vocals!

I will be contacting them this week, as I'm hoping this is a good opportunity for me to do my first official 'interview'.  If it works out, I will post a complete write up along with any video I am able to get.


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