Friday, June 10, 2011

Post #200: Continuing the evolution....

Today marks the 200th day of doing this blog, with this being Post #200.

During that time frame I have posted approximately 260 songs from nearly 200 artists.

For those of you that know me, I don't need to explain how much fun this is for me.  I've enjoyed every second.  Especially since with each day, each post, and each change or evolution, it brings me closer to realizing an even bigger dream.

I felt day #200, would be a good time to take the next step.

The whole concept behind this blog is that I have a relationship with the bands and music that I listen to.  A relationship that I have compared to dating, or possibly even marriage.

Well, it hit me on Wednesday evening after the Iron and Wine show, that I want to focus more on the relationship aspect.

Prior to the show, I was eating a Breakfast Burger at The Depot.  With food in my mouth, I turned around to find Josiah Johnson, one of the vocalists for opening act The Head and the Heart, standing behind me.

A hello, a handshake, and a compliment led to us having a 20 minute conversation about various topics:  record labels, album sales, album reviews, and a bands interaction with their fans.  We continued the conversation after the show which is when it happened.

"This is what I want to do".

Going forward, my main purpose will still be intact, which is to introduce you to artists.  But I'm dropping the once a day concept.

There have been days I felt rushed to post something, and other days, like after a show, where I would have loved to post multiple artists but felt I couldn't in order to maintain the format.

If you were actually going to be 'dating', how could you possibly date one person a day every single day.  That is too much.  I feel that me posting one artist a day has almost cheapened that relationship.

On top of that, after speaking with Josiah, how can I justify only posting a couple of their songs, or only posting them once.  I want to do more.  They deserve more.

With that being said, I am looking for feedback.

-  What have you liked about the blog?
-  What changes would you like to see?
-  If you don't visit this blog regularly, what would cause you to do so?

In appreciation, I will have a drawing on July 1st for anyone that leaves legitimate feedback as a comment on this post.  I will pull 15 people at random and gift them a copy of the debut, self-titled album, by The Head and the Heart, on itunes.  I will also draw 1 name for a pair of tickets to their upcoming show at the Varsity Theater on August 7th.

Please include your email in your comment and feel free to pass this on to your friends as well.

This blog has been my first step into this world of music and I will continue to make steps forward and further into this passion I have for the music and the artists I love.

And hopefully along the way I can help you create relationships of your own with new music.


  1. Well,

    First, let me say that the drawing did not coerce this out of me.

    Second, I believe that this has a natural progression for this in it's organic evolution. I feel that in order to bring the value that you have in a matter that you have expressed, you should have the freedom to share about multiple artist and songs on the same day. Getting a summary of a concert or an interaction is awesome, I genuwinely appreciate and enjoy reading about those interactions. And if you don't feel compelled to post one day, and have 3 the next I think that this is the medium to do it!

    Keep it up and I look forward to hearing about who the blog dates next!

  2. I think this is just a confirmation of what your readers have already seen happen. You started off with the intention of introducing people to music that was new to them, but at some point you expanded on that idea by encouraging participation – go see them live, buy their album, find out who they are off stage. And the whole time, the thread running through it has been the local music scene and your part in it because most of your posts lately have been about who has come through town and what shows you’ve been to. I think that’s what makes it cool for me – it’s not just about hearing a great new CD, it’s about making new artists accessible through a personal touch.

    Even though I like the post-a-day concept, I understand how this could become difficult. Besides, I have a large enough backlog from the previous 200 to get through.

    One thing that I find missing from your blog is your thoughts on bands that you don’t like. I know you have made it a point to be unbiased in your posts, but if someone came to you for advice on who to date, sometimes you have to say, “stay away from that chick, she’s crazy.” Sometimes healthy disagreement on a topic (or a band) makes good reading.

    Just my two cents…