Sunday, May 29, 2011

Post #188: Chris Koza - "Mosquitos" and "Goldmine"

Post #188: A week from today on June 5th, St. Paul will be holding their annual Grand Old Day along Grand Avenue.

Aside from great food and events geared towards family and kids, they will also have live music throughout the day across 6 stages. Click HERE for more details.

On the Gimme Noise Stage which will be located in the Walgreens Lot off of Grand and Grotto, Chris Koza will be performing.

I am becoming more and more of a fan of Chris' especially after having seen him recently perform as the frontman for Rogue Valley, whom I posted HERE in April.

I first came across Chris a few years ago after picking up a compilation CD which included his song "Mosquitos". The compilation was called Hope Rocks, Volume 1 and was created with the help of local artists to fundraise and raise awareness and support for Faith's Lodge.

This year we will see Volume IV of the Hope Rocks series along with a concert being held in September.

For more information on Faith's Lodge, click HERE.

Since my first exposure to Koza, I have picked up his 4 solo albums as well as those he has put out with Rogue Valley. You can find "Goldmine" on his 2006 solo release Patterns.

If you happen to find your self at Grand Old Day on Sunday, I highly recommend catching his set. You won't be disappointed.

Chris Koza, "Mosquitos" and "Goldmine"
"Mosquitos", 0 views on Youtube
"Goldmine", 0 views on Youtube

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