Saturday, May 28, 2011

Post #187: Sully Erna - "Sinner's Prayer" and "My Light"

Post #187:  Today at Midway Stadium, 93X Fest will be taking place.

Some great bands will be taking the stage:  Puddle of Mudd whom I posted HERE in March, Black Label Society whom I also posted in March HERE, and Queensryche.

The headliner of the day will be Godsmack, whom I had a chance to see at the Target Center on their headlining tour years ago.

If you listen to 93X, I'm sure you know who Godsmack is, but chance are you don't have lead singer Sully Erna's solo album that was released near the end of 2010.

With 10 songs, it is a little lighter than what you would expect from a member of Godsmack, but it still has Sully's signature vocals.

"Sinner's Prayer" was originally done when Sully was approached to create a song for the Sylvester Stallone movie The Expendables.  Unfortunately, due to changes in the scene, the song never made the film or the soundtrack.  What a shame.

There are a handful of songs on this album I really like, "My Light" being another.

If you love stripped down heavy metal, or Sully's vocals in Godsmack, you should own this album.

Sully Erna, "Sinner's Prayer" and
"Sinner's Prayer", 219,800 views on Youtube
"My Light", 99,022 views on Youtube

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