Friday, May 27, 2011

Post #186: Parachute - "She Is Love" and "Something To Believe In"

Post #186: Just picked up my tickets to see Parachute at The Cabooze in Minneapolis on June 13th.

From Virginia, it's members graduated college in 1998, and went directly to touring playing music that would ultimately end up on their debut album, Losing Sleep.

Over the next couple of years, two things led to them gaining some popularity: Touring with Kelly Clarkson and their debut single, "She Is Love."

Their second album, The Way It Was, came out last week on May 17th, which is where you will find "Something To Believe In".

Hopefully I will be able to get this one on video the night of the show. I love this song!

Parachute, "She Is Love", and "Something To Believe In"
"She Is Love", 799,169 views on Youtube
"Something To Believe In", 1,616,410 views on Youtube

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