Thursday, May 26, 2011

Post #185: Richard Buckner - "Ariel Ramirez" and "4am"

Post #185: Found out today that Richard Buckner has just scheduled two upcoming shows. One in Milwaukee, and the second at the Triple Rock Social Club on July 31st.

I first came across Richard when "Ariel Ramirez" was used in a Volkswagen commercial. This was long before phone applications like Shazam, where I could hold my phone up to the TV to find out what song it was. I had to use old fashioned research with the plain old internet.

You can find this song on his 1998 release, Since.

Another song of his I absolutely love is from his 1997 release Devotion & Doubt.  I can't believe this isn't anywhere on Youtube.  Well it is now!

His 11th album, Our Blood, is scheduled to be released this August.

Richard Buckner, "Ariel Ramirez" and "4am"
"Ariel Ramirez" 11,129 views on Youtube
"4am" 0 views on Youtube

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