Sunday, May 22, 2011

Post #181: Foo Fighters - Wheels

Post #181:  On Thursday, the Foo Fighters announced a U.S. and European tour which will bring them to the Xcel Center on September 14th.

After the death of Kurt Cobain, which put an end to Nirvana, Dave Grohl wrote and recorded, entirely by himself, the Foo Fighter's first release.

A very talented guy.

After 6 more albums, with their 7th album, Wasting Light being released last month, the Foo Fighters have had a lot of music since that 1995 debut.  Many of them ending up on the radio.

But even if you have 'all of their albums', or know most of their songs, chances are you missed this one.

Not released on any of their studio albums, it was issued as a single in September of 2009, and was released on their Greatest Hits album 2 months later.

Tickets go on sale June 3rd.  Another show I will be adding to my list.

Foo Fighters, "Wheels"
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