Saturday, May 21, 2011

Post #180: Kimya Dawson - "Tire Swing"

Post #180: Tonight, Kimya Dawson opens for Aesop Rock, whom I posted HERE back in February, at the Triple Rock in Minneapolis.

As part of the 'anti-folk' movement, that tends to have more of a lo-fi, basement recording, type of sound, you wouldn't necessarily hear her on the radio.

Where you may know her from is as half of the Moldy Peaches the other half being Adam Green.  Both her solo music and that of the Moldy Peaches have been used in movie soundtracks.

Most notably, Juno.

She has also collaborated with and performed on the albums of Ben Kweller, The Mountain Goats whom I posted HERE and HERE in February, and They Might Be Giants.

This song was used in the movie Juno, and can be found as the opening track on her 5th solo album, the 2006 release, Remember That I Love You.

Kimya Dawson, "Tire Swing"
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