Thursday, May 19, 2011

Post #178: Secondhand Serenade - "Pretend"

Post #178:  I am so excited to see Donald Glover/Childish Gambino tonight at the Varsity.

This will be my first rap/comedy show I have ever seen.

If you missed it, I posted Donald HERE back in April.

Another show going on in town is Secondhand Serenade at Station 4 in St. Paul.  Secondhand Serenade is made up of John Vesely, and tonight will be a solo acoustic set.

John has released 3 albums under the name Secondhand Serenade, with his most recent, Hear Me Now, being released last year.

This is from his second album, A Twist in My Story.

Chances are if you like Dashboard Confessional, you will like Secondhand Serenade.

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  1. When I heard "Fall for You", I thought this would be another one of those bands where I would only like one song off the album and then be dissapointed with the rest. Not true - very good album overall.