Sunday, May 15, 2011

Post #174: Ben Harper with Jack Johnson - "Please Me Like You Want To"

Post #174: So much good music coming out this Tuesday.  I can't wait!

The Chariot whom I posted HERE in March, Zao, Chris Bathgate, and one of my favorite musicians, Ben Harper.

Most people are familiar with his solo work and that which he has done with his band the Innocent Criminals, but there is so much more.

He has also had a couple of side projects where he plays with other musicians, like The Blind Boys of Alabama whom he released a gospel album with in 2004 entitled There Will Be a Light.

Then in 2009 he joined forces with Relentless 7 and released White Lies for Dark Times.

More recently, at the end of last year he released As I Call You Down as part of the band Fistful of Mercy whom I posted HERE in November.  A super group of sorts made up of himself, Joseph Arthur, and Dhani Harrison (the son of George Harrison from the Beatles).

Regardless of the project, I've enjoyed it all, and can't wait to see him live.  Unfortunately, the closest his current tour gets to Minneapolis is Milwaukee and Sioux City, Iowa.

Definitely worth a road trip.

This is from his 1995 release, Fight for Your Mind.

Ben Harper with Jack Johnson, "Please Me Like You Want To"
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