Monday, May 9, 2011

Post #168 (Metal Monday #18): Taproot - "Poem"

Post #168 (Metal Monday #18): Thanks to an invite from my brother in law Johan, we drove down to Mankato last night to see Taproot play at Buster's Night Club.  Not a typical Mother's Day activity.

I had never heard of Buster's before, but they are definitely on my radar now as it sounds like they have some great acts lined up.

Taproot put on a great set, which was to be expected, but the surprise of the night for me was the opening act Absolution, whom I will be posting in the near future.

This is their breakout single from their 2002 second release, Welcome.

Their seventh album, Plead the Fifth, was released a year ago this week.

Taproot, "Poem"
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