Sunday, May 8, 2011

Post #167: Shinedown - "Simple Man"

Post #167: Last night at the Walker Art Center, the openers Sam Prekop and Archer Prewitt of The Sea and Cake were great, but Tunng was amazing.  I will be posting videos to the Youtube page from last night over the next couple of days so check back.

Today's music topic was a no brainer.  Mother's Day.

Originally by Lynyrd Skynyrd, the song was written after two band members got together and reminisced about the advice they were given by their mothers and grandmothers.

I think anyone with a mother has experienced the same thing.

Shinedown is fronted by Brent Smith, whom I believe to have some of the strongest vocals I have ever heard, which is evident in this video.

They have released 3 studio albums and one live album.  This last week, they released a live CD/DVD of an acoustic set that was recorded in Kansas City.

This is a very underrated band.

I recommend you start with their debut, my favorite, Leave a Whisper, which was released in 2003.

To all you mothers out there, Happy Mother's Day!!  We love you!!

Love you Mom!!

Shinedown, "Simple Man"
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