Saturday, May 7, 2011

Post #166: Tunng - "Take"

Post #166:  Last night I picked up tickets to see Tunng, an experimental folk band from the UK, tonight at the Walker Arts Center in Minneapolis.  I'm not sure how many concerts the WAC does a year, but I know it is only a handful, and often times the concerts are of bands and artists that do not frequent Minnesota.

Tunng is doing this one show here in Minneapolis, and then the only other thing they have on their schedule is in July when they play in Latvia, Turkey, Austria and the UK.  Who knows when they will be back.

The McGuire Center at the Walker is a great venue.  Very small and intimate.  The last time I was there was a few years ago to see Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, whom I posted HERE and HERE on New Year's Eve.

This video focuses more on the acoustic side of things, whereas most of their music is a mixture of this folk sound and modern electronics.

This is from their 2007 third album, Good Arrows.  Since then, they released their fourth, ...The We Saw Land, last year.

Also looking forward to the opening act tonight, Sam Prekop and Archer Preswitt of the Sea and Cake.

If you like this, check out The Accidental, whom I posted back in December HERE, which consists of members from Tunng.

Tunng, "Take"
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