Friday, May 6, 2011

Post #165: Clem Snide - "With All My Heart"

Post #165: As I mentioned in yesterday's post, through a tweet by Ben Folds, I learned of an opportunity that had been posted to the site

Kickstarter is a site used by artists, small businesses, musicians, or anyone looking for financial help on a project.  The project is posted, as well as what it entails, and anyone that wants to can choose to provide funding, often times at a minimum of $1.

Clem Snide had posted their current project which is the recording, manufacturing, and shipping of a 500 copy, limited release, vinyl EP of Journey cover songs.

It always feels great supporting the artists I love, but as an added bonus, not only do I get one of the vinyls, but will also have my name in the credits, I get to choose a song that frontman Eef Barzelay will cover and record for me, and most importantly, he will fly here to Maple Grove and put on a show for me and my friends.

Details will follow.

This is a song that I have had on repeat for the last couple of years, from their 2009 release, Hungry Bird.  An album that I have framed on the wall of my home office.

So pumped!!

Clem Snide, "With All My Heart"
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