Thursday, May 5, 2011

Post #164 (Hip Hop Thursday #16): Ben Folds - "Sleazy" (Ke$ha Cover)

Post #164 (Hip Hop Thursday #16):  There are a few things that have occurred as of late that have caused me to choose this song.

#1.  I heard the announcement that Ben Folds will be performing with the Minnesota Orchestra at Orchestra Hall on September 17th.

#2.  Through one of Ben's Twitter posts, I learned of the opportunity to help fund Clem Snide's project of a Journey cover album.  In doing so, Clem Snide frontman, Eef Barzelay will be flying in to perform at my house!!  (Can't wait!  More details to follow).

#3.  On my recent trip to the dueling piano bar Howl at the Moon in Kansas City, "Bitches Ain't S**t" was a regular request of mine and being a 'piano bar', they did it in true Ben Folds style.  Originally by Dr. Dre, it has been covered by Ben and is often part of his live shows.

#4.  And finally, through someone else's Twitter post, I was introduced to this video of Ben covering Ke$ha's "Sleazy".

Such a talented guy!

Can't wait for the show in September!!

Ben Folds, "Sleazy" (Ke$ha Cover)
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