Monday, May 2, 2011

Post #161 (Metal Monday #17): Drowning Pool - "Bodies (Let the Bodies Hit the Floor)"

Post #161 (Metal Monday #17):  With the news yesterday, Sunday May 1st, that Usama Bin Laden is no more, I had to post something in honor of this.

Seeing that it is another Metal Monday, I did a search for 'Heavy Metal for Soldiers'.

I happened across a blog called "The Best Defense", created by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Thomas E. Ricks, in which he writes about the U.S. Military and national security issues.

This last November, he polled his readers, most of which are military personnel, what songs U.S. Soldiers have used in recent years to prepare themselves to fight.  The blog post is HERE.

This song by Drowning Pool ended up at number one.

This is from their debut album, Sinner, released in 2001.  Unfortunately, their lead singer Dave Williams would die from a form of heart disease a year later.  After two more lead singers, they have released 3 additional albums, their most recent, self titled album, this last year.

Drowning Pool, "Bodies (Let the Bodies Hit the Floor)"
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