Monday, April 25, 2011

Post #154 (Metal Monday #16): Memphis May Fire - "Quantity is Their Quality"

Post #154 (Metal Monday #16):  I had the opportunity to see these guys open for The Chariot (posted HERE on March 28th) in March of 2010 at the Triple Rock in downtown Minneapolis.

Concerts that have opening bands, start with the least popular and least experienced band.  With each subsequent act, typically the experience and popularity levels will increase.

When I saw them, they were the second band, out of 5 to play.

Now a year later they are headlining a tour that will hit St. Paul's Station 4 on May 31st.

Their second full length album, The Hollow, hits stores tomorrow.

This song is from their first full length, Sleepwalking, which was released in 2009.

Another show I'm hoping to make.

Memphis May Fire, "Quantity is Their Quality"
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