Friday, April 22, 2011

Post #151: Joe Purdy - "Canyon Joe"

Post #151:  Every time I peruse the upcoming concerts taking place in the Minneapolis area, part of me gets frustrated, because it brings to light how many good shows I don't have time to see.

Well I especially felt this as I compiled my 'Upcoming Concerts' page.

It seems that there are always a few concerts a week I would enjoy attending, and sometimes multiple shows in a single evening.

This causes me to be pretty particular in the shows I attend.

It is safe to say that Joe Purdy, at the Varsity on May 16th, is on my list of shows I will be attending.

Being only $15, and being at the Varsity, I highly recommend this show if you are looking at taking a chance on an artist you aren't familiar with.

He has been a busy guy releasing over 10 albums in the last 8 years.

This is from his 2007 album Canyon Joe.

Right now, you can buy each of his albums on itunes for $7.99.


Joe Purdy, "Canyon Joe"
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