Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Post #148: Revis - "Caught in the Rain"

Post #148: I realize that aside from Metal Mondays and Hip Hop Thursdays, a lot of the music I have posted has been a little more on the lighter side, so starting today I am going to make a point to post some more 'rock'.

Revis released their first album, Places for Breathing, in 2003. This song got some radio play, but unfortunately, the rest of the album didn't.

From beginning to end, I loved and still love this album. Based on how much I liked the album, I knew this was a band I'd like to see live. But as luck would have it, they broke up in 2005.

So the other day, as I was flipping through the City Pages, I was excited to see that they will be playing a show here in Minneapolis at the 7th Street Entry, a smaller venue connected to the famous First Avenue.

They are touring in support of their upcoming second album Do We Have to Beg?, slated for a May 20th release.

Revis, "Caught in the Rain"
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