Sunday, April 17, 2011

Post #146: Cake - "The Distance"

Post #146: Last night I learned a few things here in Kansas City.

#1 - You should always walk away from the craps table once you have doubled your money. If you don't, you will proceed to give it all back.

#2 - There is such a thing as too much barbeque. Unfortunately, you don't find this out until after you stop eating.

#3 - I love dueling piano bars!

We spent the evening at a place called Howl at the Moon. A dueling piano bar that was comprised of 5 musicians who would rotate and not only sing and play the piano, but the guitar, bass, and drums as well. I couldn't believe how talented this group was.

A big part of our fun was meeting one of the performers, Kevin, whom happened to be from Plymouth, Minnesota. A great guy, great musician, and a great taste in music. He handled most of my requests: Ben Folds, Snoop Dogg, and Fastball to name a few.

And although it wasn't one of my requests, this was my favorite song of the evening.

Nobody sounds like Cake...nobody.

This is off of their second album, Fashion Nugget, from 1996. Since then they have released four more with their most recent, Showroom of Compassion, coming out earlier this year.

Thanks for a great night Kevin!!

Cake, "The Distance"
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